Waterproof Bibs: Bumpkins SuperBib

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Highlights: Large, Fast Drying, Waterproof Bib with Catch-All Pocket. Stain and Odor Resistant.

Now that I’ve discovered the fast drying waterproof bibs by Bumpkins I only need one bib for each kid. I simply wash off the SuperBib in the kitchen sink after breakfast, hang it on a hook with the pocket flipped inside out, and it’s dry by snack or lunch time. No more washing a week’s worth of terry cloth bibs in special mesh laundry bags so that the velcro doesn’t destroy the rest of the load.

Purchase Bumpkins SuperBibs - Girls' Waterproof Bibs

Bumkins SuperBib - 3pk - Girl Trend (below)

Purchase Bumpkins SuperBibs - Girls' Waterproof Bibs

The SuperBib comes in really fun patterns and offers great coverage. It measures 10″ across and 9″ from neck down, which makes it perfect for meals or messy art projects. It’s made from Bumkins’ propriety waterproof fabric which is stain and odor resistant, very thin and dries really fast. In addition to the large catch-all pocket, The SuperBib has a wide, adjustable velco closure which holds well. It’s machine washable, or you can just wash it off on the sink so that you can use it again for the next meal. The SuperBib is lead safe, PVC, BPA, phthalate & vinyl free. Affiliate links for purchase from BabyEarth.com are provided on this page.

Purchase Bumpkins SuperBibs - Boys' Waterproof Bibs

Bumkins SuperBib - 3pk - Boy Trend (below)

Purchase Bumpkins SuperBibs - Boys' Waterproof Bibs

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