CTA Holiday Train: 2012 Schedule

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Highlights: Catch a Ride on the Chicago Santa ‘L’ During the Holiday Season

We took a ride on the CTA Holiday Train on a cold December evening last year with the kids. What a great time, getting a picture with Santa right there on the Linden St. platform, followed by a colorful & musical ‘L’ ride to Belmont complete with candy canes passed out by Santa’s elves. The 2012 CTA Holiday Train schedule is posted below, as well as some photos and video from our ride on the Purple line. It’s lots of fun, but be prepared for crowds and a wait to get a Polaroid with Santa!

Video: Don’t blink or your might miss Santa who rides on an open middle flatcar.

Following is the 2012 CTA Holiday Train Schedule dates. More information on the Official CTA Holiday Train Schedule can be found on the CTA website, where times for upcoming Holiday Trains runs will be updated as dates approach.

CTA Line Dates-2012 Day
Green Line 23-Nov FRI
Green Line – SANTA PHOTO 24-Nov SAT
Green Line 28-Nov WED
Orange Line & Brown Line 29-Nov THU
Orange Line & Brown Line 30-Nov FRI
Orange Line & Brown Line – SANTA PHOTO 1-Dec SAT
Pink Line 5-Dec WED
Blue Line 6-Dec THU
Blue Line 7-Dec FRI
Red Line 12-Dec WED
Purple Line 13-Dec THU
Red Line 14-Dec FRI
Red Line & Purple Line SANTA PHOTO 15-Dec SAT
Red Line 18-Dec TUE
Purple Line 19-Dec WED
Yellow Line 20-Dec THU
Red Line & Purple Line 22-Dec SAT

General information about the CTA Holiday Train can be found here.

Photo: Waiting for the picture taking with Santa to begin at the Linden St. ‘L’ Station (below)

Chicago's CTA Holiday Train

Photo: Pictures with Santa at the Linden St.  ‘L’ station (below)

CTA Holiday Train Picture with Santa

Photo: Maria, Alex & Leah – ready for the Purple Line ride to Belmont (below)

Purple Line CTA Holiday Train

Photo: Awaiting a CTA Holiday Train run (below)

Chicago's CTA Santa Train

Photo: Inside the colorful CTA Holiday Train at night (below)

CTA Holiday Train

Photo: Enjoying candy canes passed out by Santa’s elves on the Purple Line CTA Holiday Train (below)

Candy Canes on the CTA Holiday Train

Check out CTA Tattler for lots of other fun CTA information!

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