Children’s Storybook: Princess Bubble

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Highlights: A Better Princess Story

Princes Bubble was written by Susan Johnston Hamrick and Kimberly Webb, and illustrated by Maria Tonelli. In this book, the authors set out to provide an alternative to the traditional princess stories, told with beautiful watercolor illustrations.

Princess Storybook: Princess Bubble Cover

In this princess tale, you won’t find any damsels in distress, wicked stepsisters or evil spells. In the Princess Bubble modern day princess story, each princess defines her own happiness and is responsible for attaining it. While experiencing an unsuccessful search for her perfect Prince Charming, and seeing her friends married off one by one, Princess Bubble finally comes to the determination that true happiness doesn’t find us externally, but rather is developed from within.

Inner page excerpt below from Princes Bubble. Written by Susan Johnston Hamrick & Kimberly Webb. Illustrated by Maria Tonelli. (click image to enlarge)

Princess Storybook: Princess Bubble Excerpt

Princess Bubble is modern and independent. She is well employed, buys her own palace and fancy car. She and her girlfriends are smart and fashionable. Princess Bubble hangs out in coffee shops with her laptop and double espressos, and even tries online dating. Princess Bubble is eventually shocked to find out that all the fairy tales are wrong, and that happy princesses are simply people who enjoy others and strive to be happy with themselves – a good lesson for a person of any age.  Princess Bubble learns that while it would be wonderful to find her prefect prince, her happiness is not dependent upon it. I don’t find this story to be anti-male in any way – it is simply pro-self, and is a refreshing counterpoint to the traditional princess stories. In my opinion, Susan Johnston Hamrick and Kimberly Webb succeed in providing a more positive princess story for our daughters – one which focuses on self-esteem, ignores the tick-tock of the marriage clock, centers on the pursuit of our own dreams and redefines the process of “happily ever after”.

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