Swim Goggles for Kids: Aqua Sphere

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Highlights: Superior, Easy To Adjust Swim Goggles for Kids with Quick-Fit Buckle System

Our kids started beginning swim lessons recently at Chicago Swim School, a great choice for swim lessons with very small class sizes, extremely attentive instructors and a warm water pool. At first we were using traditional goggles with small separated lenses, which the kids really didn’t seem comfortable in. They were difficult to put on and adjust, and they seemed to pull on their skin and distort their vision. One of the other dads told us about Aqua Sphere goggles which have a nice wide lense, almost like a face mask but with the nose uncovered. What really made me buy them though was the Quick-Fit kid friendly buckle system which makes the goggles super easy to put on and adjust. This buckle system has an easy to push button which immediately unlocks the straps to loosen them. The child can then pull back easily on the side straps to tighten. My 5 year old can totally put on the goggles herself and loosen/tighten. My 4 year old just needs help getting the straps over his head while he holds the face mask in place. After two swim lessons he could totally control the loosen and tighten feature.

Leah and Alex during Chicago Swim School White Level class (below)

Swim Goggles for Kids: Aqua Sphere Seal Kid & Aqua Sphere Vista Jr

Here are the best features of Aqua Sphere goggles for kids:

  • Quick-Fit kid friendly buckle system is easy for young kids to loosen and tighten with the press of a button and pull of the straps.
  • They have a really flexible and soft frame so they’re super comfortable on the face.
  • This flexible frame seals comfortably but firmly on the face so that water doesn’t get in.
  • A really wide face mask style Plexisol lens allows for 180-degree distortion free visibility, which isn’t the case with traditional small separate lens goggles.
  • In addition to providing great visibility, the Ultra durable Plexisol lens is also scratch resistant and has an anti-fog coating.
  • Aqua Sphere goggles provide 100% UVA and UVB protection.

I decided to try both the Seal Kid style and Vista Jr. style since I wasn’t sure which would work better. I can’t say I prefer one over the other. They are very similar and both kids seem to love their goggles.

Aqua Sphere Seal Kid Swim Goggles (below). My daughter is shown wearing these in pink in above photo.

Swim Goggles for Kids: Aqua Sphere Seal Kid

The Aqua Sphere Vista Jr. style (below) has a slightly different shape and seal than the Seal Kid style shown above. Alex is wearing these in top photo.

Swim Goggles for Kids: Aqua Sphere Vista Jr

Find Aqua Sphere swim goggles online:

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